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Merrily We Roll Along

Huntington Theatre Company

"Aimee Doherty plays Gussie with a sophisticated flair... She is sleek and seductive throughout, and nothing less

than a jaw-dropping star."

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Moonbox Productions

"The reaction in this corner to the news that she would play Sally Bowles was an immediate "Hmm, that could be special."   

It is. Doherty seizes the role... as if it's always belonged to her."

As You Like It.jpg

As You Like It

Shakespeare & Company

"Doherty gives a performance that feels like a career-definer. Rosalind is a wise, confident, fierce, resourceful, witty, spontaneous, loving, lovable, and loyal, and Doherty captures it all."


On the Town

Lyric Stage Company

"Aimee Doherty is a triple threat singer-dancer-hoofer. . . No one else has as much personality in their pipes as Doherty."


A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder

Lyric Stage Company

"Every time Doherty is on stage as the pouty, privileged, social-climbing Sibella, we completely sympathize with Monty’s fascination. Whether she’s preening in pink or teasing Monty with “I Don’t Know What I’d Do,” she delivers depth and nuance to this cliched character."

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